Medicine Tree Music
We Proceeded On Lyrics
Rough and Tumble Lads

Rough and tumble, lads you must be
To join the Corps of Discovery.
Light out for the territory
And find the pathway to the sea.

Jefferson said “Men do your best,
And find me the river of the west.”
If you make it back you’ll be well known
If a grizzly bear ain’t chewin your bones.

Hey Ho! Pull it up slow.
If she’s out in the current then down she’ll go!
Hey boys! Look at me now
I ain’t back east pullin a plow!

Red Bird, red bird sittin on a fence
Once I had a mighty fine wench.
She turned saucy and had to go.
Snatched up the rosin for my bow.

Hoot owl why you screech all night?
Cuz I lost my heart’s delight.
Searchin for a gal who wants to play’
Court all night and sleep all day.

Mandan had corn and buffalo
Picked up Janey and Charbonneau.
Captains say “Men it’s time to go
The ice is breakin up let’s heave ho!”

Ballad of Sacajawea

In the shadow of the Shining Mountains,
Her people wandered free.
The People of the Grass Lodge,
Called the Shoshoni.

Stolen from her people
When she was just a girl,
Brought out of the mountains
Into the white man's world.

Water, wind and song
Carry us along.
The river sings her song.
She never stops singing.

In the village of the Mandan
In the winter of 04,
She joined the expedition
To find the Pacific shore.

Just a teenage mother
With a baby at her breast,
When the Corps of Discover
Went up river headed west.

Grizzly bears, prickly pears,
mosquitoes, rattlesnakes.
The portage of the Great Falls ,
almost more than they could take.

Through all the toil and hardship,
Bird Woman kept her cool.
Captains Clark and Lewis realized
She was no man's fool

Sacajawea's story
continues to unfold,
That young teenage mother
Was worth her weight in gold.

When they finally reached the Pacific Ocean.
Sand, fog, and the seagull's cry.
Sacajawea stood upon the beach
and looked a whale in the eye.

Thomas Jefferson's vision
Of a pathway to the sea,
Across the wild mountains
The land of the free
Walk in Beauty

May you be kind as the summer.
Welcome as spring.
As sweet as the lullaby 
your mama always sings.

Like a coyote’s call,
In a sacred manner you will grow.
Brilliant colors of the fall,
The strong heart of a buffalo.

May you walk in beauty.
May you always be kind.
Beauty before you.
Beauty behind.

Life has a purpose,
A pattern, a rhyme.
Moon, sun, and river,
We’re all intertwined.

It’s all a great mystery,
No one knows what it means.
Let’s go to sleep now
In our blanket of dreams.

John Colter

When John Colter got back to the Mandan
He said Civilization's not for me.
I’m heading back to the wide-open spaces
Where a mountain man can be free.”

He made his way up to the Tetons and the land of the 
The Bighorn, the Snake, his fortune to make.
The mountains were his home.

He spent his days setting trapline
Wading through the icy streams.
In London,I’m told
A pelt is worth it’s weight in gold and
A man can live out his dreams.

Up in that big sky country,
Where the three rivers become one,
The headwaters of the Missouri,
John Colter made his run.

John Colter ran from the Blackfeet.
He ran naked through the prickly pear.
Man alive, how did that boy survive
Every breath a prayer.

He ran six miles to the river
Warriors on his trail.
Able to dodge into a beaver lodge
That free trapper did prevail.

There’s a voice in the wind, can you hear it?
The spirit of the wild and free
Raising a toast to John Colter’s ghost
And that wide-open wild country.


Man's best friend, faithfull to the end
Come what hardships may bring
Fulfill our quest, journey bravely west
Travel through summer, fall and spring

The challenge before, to reach the western shore
And find out what lies in between
We gave it our best, put our souls to the test
And saw wonders that few have ever seen

At times our feet were draggin' and spirits often saggin'
We proceeded on time after time
Through triumph and disaster, loyal to my master
And those whose lives were on the line.

At night my coyote cousins spoke to me by the dozens
Singin' by the light of the moon
They told me a tale of refusing to fail
And courage not to give in too soon

Took their message to heart, did my best to do my part
And friend to man always strive
With courage undaunted, we got just what we wanted
All but one made it back alive

Down the River of the Setting Sun

Behold the country of legends.
In the heart of the wild.
Thirty-one men, a woman, a child.
Across an ocean of prairies,
Over mountains unknown,
In the heart of the wild.
Now we’re on our own.

We proceeded on.
Down the river of the setting sun.

Down the river of the setting sun
Beneath the wing of the thunderbird.
Blackfoot, Sioux, Crow and Cheyenne
Dreamers of the herd.
Making buffalo medicine, voices share the sound.
Heartbeat drum of Mother Earth
Enduring and profound.

Nez Perce, Salish, Flathead, Shoshoni, Mandan.
Guns, horses, salmon, furs.
Speaking with our hands,
Sign language of gestures,
Beads, blankets, songs.
Leaving a trail of gifts across the land,
We proceeded on.

Crying for a vision, in the mountains, in the snow.
Sending a voice into the canyon below.
Over the western mountains, we stretch our hands.
Reaching for that rendezvous
Where the sea meets the land.

Praise and gratitude are the two hands of prayer.
Down the river of the setting sun,
I’ll meet you there.
When we reach the sea, I’ll taste the salt in your hair.
And that wild freedom with which nothing can 

Coyote’s American Dream

Old Turtle swam through the darkness
Bringing mud from the bottom of the sea,
To Grandfather Coyote who rolled and stretched it
Into the land of the free.

Then Coyote stole a basket of stars
And danced at the edge of the sky,
Spilling out galaxies and scattering
Stars up high,

Now that’s how the story is told,
We are all part of something very old.

Bear said “Winter should last forever.”
Little Red Squirrel said “No. No. No.”
Bear said “I must dream!”
Squirrel said “ I’ll freeze in the snow!”

Coyote said “I’ll shape the year for you.
I’ll break it right in two.
Half bone, Half mud, Half breath, Half blood,
Half day, Half night, Half dark, Half light,
One part moisture, one part pollen,
One part rising, one part falling,
One part water, one part steam.”
It’s all Coyote’s holy dream!

Teton Waltz  

It was along time ago and the places we know
Were settled by true pioneers
And the folks we have met talk of fond times and yet
Have a hard time holding back tears

Now there weren't many chances save for school house dances
To kick back and kick up your heels
And a trip into Jackson meant at least a good day friend
You'd better check that list twice, "Good day Maam"

And the Tetons they say seem a stone's throw away
You know this land fits me like a glove
And the song in the wind brings me back home again
To the friends and the ones that I love

If you you look to the west as the sun slowly sets
You can still catch a glimpse of that time
And the new friends we've met will be old friends I'll bet
'Cause our lives have become intertwined

Spirit of Adventure

Children gather round and dream of days to come
Many, many, many things yet to be done.
Dwell beneath the waves, go drifting with the whales.
Soar the canyons of Mars, catch the wind in your sails.

Live in a treehouse to get some breathing room.
Zoom past Crab Nebula, play soccer on the moon,
Climb a volcano just to see it fume,
Anything can happen, you may even clean your room!

Heroes come and go but they’re never really gone
That spirit of adventure sticks to you like a song.

Lasso a shooting star just to see where it goes,
Cuddle with a dinosaur, let her nibble on your toes,
Slow down. Take it easy, sometimes stop and smell a rose.
If things don’t go your way, well that’s how life goes.

If you sit upon the couch watching TV all the time,
Your precious brain becomes a stinking piece of slime.
Get up! Get out! Get in touch with the sublime.
Don’t be a pain. Use that brain,
You’ve got mountains to climb.

Trails Plowed Under Lyrics
Trails Plowed Under

Trails plowed under
Buffalo gone
Yet once they thundered
60 million strong

Bleached bones and carcasses
Scatter the plains
What is left standing
Is all that remains

Driving forever
Interstate roar
Heading for home
But it ain’t there no more

Seen a lot of good men go down
Buffalo gals
Skeletons are dancing
In the ghost corrals

Trails paved over
Lost in the sprawl
Confiscated, inundated
Sunk beneath the mall

Treeforts and swimming holes
Places to play
rewind your video
While they haul it away

Silence and starry nights
Lost in our headlights
Don’t give it away
We’re in the danger zone

Planet paved over
Plowed under and wired
So many lifetimes
No wonder you’re tired

Seen a lot of worlds dissolve
Mutate and go on
Until other voices
Pick up the song

Fight No More Forever

“Hear me my chiefs, I am tired
My heart is sick and sad
I want some time to look for my children
See how many I can find”

Oh Wallowa, Oh Lapwai
Whitebird Canyon, we crossed the Salmon
Clearwater, clear skies
Clearly some room to die

Friendships once had known
Their memories still linger
Oh how much we’d grown
But now it’s down to pointin’ fingers, memories linger

After Fort Fizzle, things began to sizzle
Hearts and souls lost at the Big Hole
Camas Meadow, Canyon Creek
Canada within our reach

Oh we might have known
Promises would be broken
We came with heart in hand
Words need not be spoken, promises broken

We crossed the Musselshell, the border we could smell
Jumped at Cow Island, the beginning of the end
Soun Tetoken, he lay broken
Words of wisdom need be spoken

“From where the sun now stands,
I will fight no more forever”
Born into this land
It’s a bond we’ll never sever

“Hear me my chiefs, I am tired
My heart is sick and sad
I want some time to look for my children
See how many I can find”

Anasazi Tattoo

Anasazi ghosts whisper in the shade
Talking about the signs the ancient ones made
Petroglyphs and pictographs are tattoos on her skin
Slick rock sweet desert-varnished skin.

Sun shone on silent stone / sun silent stone
Slick rock sandstone skin/ her tattooed skin

Pinyon junipers the fragrance that she wears
Lightning in the desert flashes turquoise in her hair
Zig zag meanders, the waterhole sign
Snake says shed your skin it’s metamorphous time

Spiral handprints with the shadows blended in
Carved and painted on her desert-varnished skin
Mesas in the clouds, super novas in the stars
Anasazi tattoos in canyons red as Mars

Yeti’s Lament

In the trees the humans are singing
Round campfires beneath the stars.
In the hills, in the parks , in the forest
Some even get out of their cars.

Cut the cards and pass the bottle
Stretch your voice around those old songs
Out beyond the firelight
Bigfoot is singing along.

In the pines, the cedars, the canyons
Anywhere the wild begins
Catch a glimpse of me in the moonlight
Out where the pavement ends.

I’m not here and I’m not gone
You’ll find me back of beyond
Across the river and down in the hollow
The path of the Sasquatch is a tough trail to follow.

There are some things you make take for granted
Like a sunrise or breathing clean air
But if you take time to understand it
You’ll be amazed at what you find out there

Some believe in legends
Dreams and mystery.
Others need facts and figures
Documented history.

Believe whatever you want to
Mermaids, dragons, yeti.
Without us in tow, where will you go?
What’s life without mystery?

Gold Fever

My name is Skeleton Kelly, you’ve seen me around
From the Barbary Coast to the Mother Load, where gold sparkles 
from the ground
From Angels Camp to Monterey, up in old Hangtown
Gold fever is an earthquake knockin’ everybody down

January 24, 1848
James Marshall found the golden seed that grew the golden state
Gold fever spread, a plague of greed, as dreamers pushed their fate
A stampede of 49ers broke down the golden gate

From Sutter’s Mill to Placerville
There’s one thing that’s for sure
To draw your last breath
Is gold fever’s only cure

I panned gold on the Stanislaus, the Merced, the Tuolume
The Sacramento River yeilded scant paydirt to me
The toil was hard, the wages nill, the sun it burned my brain
And so I turned to games of chance, a gambler I became

Sonora, Mariposa. Old Mukulume Hill
Men sell theirs souls for the Mother Load, they cheat, they lie, they 
In every placer diggings men struggle for the ore
But the only ones to hit paydirt are the San Francisco whores

Down from the diggings the miners come to spree
To fandango, to spark and woo, a golden jubilee
Aces kiss the queen of diamonds as the whiskey laughter drones
I gather up my winnings leaving only skin and bones

In the Yerba Buena card room, down in Chinatown
Joaquin Murieta himself finally gunned me down
He called me out for cheating, he’d lost a considerable sum
And when he drew his pistol my gold fever cure had come

Lonelier Road

In the Rocky Mountains, they got a man
Tells long tall stories, lives off the land
Tougher than nails, or so I’m told
But you’ve never ever seen a lonelier road

Some were social outcasts, born to live alone
Some were lookin’ for a fight, some just bored to 
the bone
But they had one thing in common, boys will be 
boys, or so they say
But you’ve never ever seen a lonelier road

Mr. Tuckets’ up on the Yellowstone, Jim Bridger 
just down creek
Up in the Judith Basin, is old Joe Meek
Men to match the mountains, or so to speak
And you’ve never ever seen a lonelier road

If I had to do it all over again, I won’t deny
You know that always being scared, is just part of 
staying alive
And if you give the respect that it deserves you 
will survive
And I’ll always, always choose a lonelier road

Petrified Wood

Dry riverbed in the desert sun
Waiting for a flashflood and you’re the 
Be my cloudburst. Let your waters run.
I never want to finish what we’ve begun.

I tried and I tried but it just won’t do
You’re the poison and the antidote too.
I tried and I tried and it’s just no good
Fires of passion burning petrified wood.

Now you’re gone I’m all alone.
I’m missing my joy chromosome.
My doors open, no ones home
I feel like a hollow bone in a catacomb.

We should be gathering delight.
Incandescent friend let’s ignite.
Bounce our signals like a satellite.
Blaze like a shooting star across the 

John Muir / Hymn to the Wilderness  

John Muir of the mountains
sauntering along
In the high Sierras
singing a song

Singing, climb the mountains
and get their good tidings
Nature’s peace will flow into you
like sunlight through the trees

The winds will bring you freshness
The storms their energies
And your cares will drop away
like autumn leaves

I’ve roamed and I’ve rambled
this whole wide world round
And the Yosemite Valley
is the finest I’ve found

With her wild granite heights
Where waterfalls abound
Oh the Yosemite is
a temple profound

John Muir / A Mountaineer’s Prayer

Or’ the next ridge and beyond
To the mountains I belong
The trail it leads me on and on
Or’ the next ridge an beyond

Sun shines not on, but in us all
The wild heart yearns to hear the call
of cascading waterfalls
Echo off the canyon walls

Walk along the high hills feelin’ free
Silence rings like a bell
Holding on to the heart of the mystery
A peace that no tongue can tell

In the stillness of the night
Beyond the ring of firelight
The Milky Way is our delight
Vast and glittering tonight

Walk along the high hills feelin’ free
Silence rings like a bell
Holding on to the heart of the mystery
A peace that no tongue can tell

Or’ the next ridge and beyond
To the mountains I belong
The trail it leads me on and on
Or’ the next ridge and beyond

Annie Oakley

Miss Annie Oakley real straight shooter
Miss Annie Oakley, Yahoo
Miss Annie Oakley real straight shooter
Miss Annie Oakley, Yahoo

She could outshoot any man
She showed that a woman can
Annie never missed her mark
That buffalo gal sure had the spark

Take me with you
Take me with you

Buffalo Bill put on a good show
Way back when before VCRs
In the eighteen eighties and nineties
Annie was the first superstar

Chief Sitting Bull loved Little Sure Shot
And he made her one of the Sioux
Queen Victoria, she saw the whole thing
“Good heavens what you Yankees will do!”

Take me with you
Take me with you

She could outshoot any man
She showed that a woman can
Annie never missed her mark
That buffalo gal sure had the spark

You Will Never Know

He always dreamed of being a cowboy
Ridin’ trails west into the sun
Findin’ himself a good strong pony
A second hand saddle, maybe a gun

Find him a home with pine trees by a river
Take time alone, time to consider what’s in store

He always knew he had it in him
To be something more that a carpenter’s son
No matter how hard he tried he realized
It’s hard to undo what’s already been done

You gotta’ know that time won’t wait forever
Give it a go. If don’t than you will never know

Life is all we have to live
A balance between take and give
Some are led, and some are driven
But it’s what you do with what you’re given

Now you may be wondering what happened
To that young cowboy in the song
Did he find paradise a’ waiting
Or was it a dream that all went wrong

Well he found him a home, with pine trees by a river
Spent time alone, and he realized there was something 

So he went back to see his father
A man that he always thought he knew
And after a few days spent together
He found out those words he’d heard were true

Good Medicine Lyrics
Walk In Beauty

May you be kind as the summer
As welcome as spring
Just as sweet as the lullaby
Your momma always sings

Like a coyote’s call
In a sacred manner you will grow
With the brilliant colors of the fall
And the strong heart of a buffalo

May you walk in beauty
May you always be kind
Beauty before you
Beauty behind

Life has a purpose
A pattern and a rhyme
The moon, sun and river
All intertwine

Oh, the Great Mystery
No one really knows what it means
Let’s just go to sleep and wrap ourselves up
In a blanket of dreams

State of the Union

Tom Sawyer said to old Huck Finn'
I'll light out for the territories before I give in."
Bugs Bunny said to Jane on Noah’s ark
“Don’t tell Tarzan meet me after dark.”

Walt Disney and JFK
flew to Tranquility Base one day.
John, Paul, George, Ringo
Say " We were here first you know."

State of the union is in your hands.
I tell ya honey it's supply and demand.
Only one problem, it's built on quicksand.
State of the union is in your hands.

Johnny Appleseed, Calamity Jane
Going steady sharing the flame.
Harriett Tubman and Chuck Berry
parted the waters of the wine-dark sea.
If I had a hammer, I'd hammer all day.
Ring the bell of freedom if it came my way.

Deep Inside

Deep inside
Always a place to hide
Hard to deny
The consequences of a lie
You come to believe
You come to deceive, by and by

In spite of the proof
Refuse to accept the truth
It was true all along
An unrightable wrong  
Were we taken in
by that silly grin and a song?

All of the universe outside is looking in
You can imagine that they must be thinking 
how it might have been?

Take a step back
It's easy to attack
Put your hand in
So the healing can begin
You know that we can
Walk hand in hand in the end

Medicine Tree

Shelter me Medicine Tree
Blessed be, Great Mystery

Chinook wind blows the pine pollen free.
Prayers offered by the Medicine Tree.
Sprit shadows that we can't see
Borne away upon a reverie.

Shelter me Medicine Tree
Blessed be, Great Mystery

Take us inside the wind
Let our journey begin
Lift up your song to the night
Incantations of light

She's a bright high whistling song
With her wings spread wide.
Sleeps in the pine needles
Where the moon resides.

Peeks out of her nest
While the sun spins round.
Opens her throat to sing
Shapes the sky with sound.

Moses, Orpheus, Rosa & Martin

Moses went up the mountain
Singing set my people free
You’ve got to sojourn in the desert
To reach the land of milk and honey

Orpheus went down to Hades
Singing set my darling free
You gotta walk through the shadows
To change the way things are meant to be

The River raise a joyfull noise. Roars like a flood
The River raise a joyfull noise. Sings in the blood

Going down the river to wash my soul
Going down the river to make me whole
Going down the river to soak my dreams
Old rascal river ain’t what she seems
Going down the River, Oh’

Rosa got on the white seat
Driver said get off my bus
Sometimes you've got to raise a ruckus
Sometimes you've got to make a fuss

Martin went to the capital.
He had a dream you see.
Let the content of my character
Determine who I can be.

chorus & bridge

Look around you, see what’s there
The blessed garden, I tell you it’s everywhere
Don’t waist your time wonderin’ round
Because where you’re standing is holy ground
Going down the river, Oh’

Wyoming Wind

Out on the prairie wandering along
A ragged coyote singing his song.
Coyote, Coyote what do you know?
Howling tonight with the wind and the snow.

Wyoming wind is strong and it’s cold
Summer never lasts long.
Wyoming, Wyoming please keep her wild.
Look to the mountains with the eyes of a child.

Give me a home where the buffalo roam.
Where the deer and the antelope play.
Where freedom is treasured
And we take our pleasure living every day.

The girls I wanted are married and grown.
The friends I once ran with the four winds have blown.
We’re one ridge away from our old valley home.
Where the rivers meander and memories roam.

Up in the high country thunder clouds cry.
Across the divide it’s all open sky.
The river is singing the canyon a song.
The aspens are turning snows coming on.
Kiss of Peace

Good Medicine

So the stories are told both the young and the old
Holding on to their dreams to remember
Keeping track of the changes that life rearranges
And the answers that questions will render

What you come to believe in sometimes lives within
All the hopes and fears of tomorrow
And the ties to the past often holdin’ on fast
Bringing happiness, heartache and sorrow

Can you really be sure if the pain or the cure
Leads to darkness or to light
And the choices you make to give or to take
May be wrong or may be right
You just got to hold on tight

Child when you are older you will be told of
A legend to outwit all evil
When coyote wondered the mountains and canyons
Preparing the land for the people

Oh Medicine Tree will you pass on to me
Some of the wisdom of the past
Whether legend or truth do we really need proof
To believe that it will last
Beyond the shadow that you cast


I never knew what love could do
I never guessed I’d be so blessed
There you were in my arms
A gift from the angels who do no harm

I’m ready to go now
I will play my part
You showed me the way now
How to open my heart

How did you know I needed sanctuary
Now I know you’re loves emissary
I thank you now for a thousand years
Lovers’ laughter transforms the tears

Into sweet honey
That’s gathered and shared
Kept hidden and sacred
For those who care.

Manifest Destiny

Out on the prairie, wind began to blow
Prairie schooner raise her sail, head for Ol’ Wyo
Promise of a new life in the pocket of your shirt
Like so many others you were hopin’ to strike pay dirt

New opportunity, fulfill a fantasy
Howlin’ wind sing to me Manifest Destiny…be the death of me

With big dreams and high hopes your wagon loaded high
The sound of slap leather, look into the western sky
But when the first blast of winter sends chills to your bone
Thinkin’ maybe you made a mistake, turn around and go home


You don’t believe in heaven, you don’t believe in hell
And though you like to raise the latter, only time will tell
And when you finally see rock bottom comin’ up double time
It’s time to cash in your winnings, time to spend your last dime

Kiss of Peace

Kiss of peace. Dreaming

Time casts her net we are ensnared.
Lives bound together feelings shared.
Fairer than the evening star sweet embrace.
A silent kiss our prayer full of grace.

I am yearning for the kiss of peace.
The riddle of your smile beckoning release.
Oh great mystery inhabit me.
Passing through nature into eternity.

Your eyes are shining with holy fire.
We are breathing the fragrance of desire.
In the labyrinth of pleasure let the dance begin.
Soaring on the thermals rising from your skin.

The river is our Eden, the canyons Avalon.
The sky is our cathedral, the mountains Pantheon.
The path between the worlds is tangled in your hair.
Freedom is a river. I will meet you there.
Medicine Tree

Shelter me Medicine Tree
Blessed be, Great Mystery

Chinook wind blows the pine pollen free.
Prayers offered by the Medicine Tree.
Sprit shadows that we can't see
Borne away upon a reverie.

Shelter me Medicine Tree
Blessed be, Great Mystery

Take us inside the wind
Let our journey begin
Lift up your song to the night
Incantations of light

She's a bright high whistling song
With her wings spread wide.
Sleeps in the pine needles
Where the moon resides.

Peeks out of her nest
While the sun spins round.
Opens her throat to sing
Shapes the sky with sound.


A Dream letting off steam
Another chance of a lifetime
Take it to the extreme
Heart’s desire caught in the crossfire
Though you’re lost deep in thought
It’s meant to inspire

In the space of a lifetime when it all seems so clear
Caught up in the moment you’re unable to hear
Maybe no one is present, maybe no one can see
It’s a perfect occasion for sweet reverie

You may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
Your dreams may be behind you
But mine have just begun

Fantasize behind the disguise
All alone for the moment
Till you open your eyes
Beautify, time to testify
Oh, for reverence is sacred
And in short supply

Like a crack of thunder wakes you from a dream
Sometimes all it takes is a change of routine
For you know there are times when it’s just meant to be
Another occasion for sweet reverie

Casualty of War

We came for a reason giving up our treasure chest
Always believing that it would be for the best
Unbridled glory waiting at the trail’s end
Part of the story, be it enemy or friend

On time delivery, you know it is a must
No time to worry whether it be boom or bust
You’ll sign the papers when the knock comes at the door
Cash in your favors, another casualty of war

How could we let such a thing happen
Were we all just too blind to see
That all along it was a trap set to step in
And to chew our leg off is the only way free

Now that it’s certain that the unknown still remains
And will the final curtain be covered in blood stains
Can prayers be answered when it all is said and done
Only when the questions are not answered with a gun

Buffalo Grass

Where are they coming from, where will they go
Will they leave any buffalo
What is the reason, why is it now
Does it really matter anyhow

Out on the prairie in the pale sunlight
Can we get we get there and back without a fight
It’s a matter of survival, got mouths to fill
A thanks to the Spirit and a blessing for the kill

Time will pass like the wind in the buffalo grass
Voices on the wind singing, “We shall live again”

Though the promises come and their hearts ring true
There’s a feeling in the air that our choices are few
Blankets and guns, is it worth the price
And what will be the sacrifice

Love Refugee

She met him on a chance occasion
Hopin’ for a chance to see
If everything that she believed in
Could ever hope to be

And though it seemed to come together
She was wearing her heart on her sleeve
Not willing yet to say forever
In time though we may see

That what you’ve taken before for granted
May be nothing but a memory
Happily ever after, you know you’ll never be
So pick up the pieces that have fallen, assemble them to some degree
Listen to the voice that’s callin’, do you really want to be
A love refugee

Wakin’ up lonely, or livin’ with your one and only
Baby the difference is quite clear
Is it just a matter of time, could it be that love is blind
Or is it the commitment that you fear

Now she knows to take it slowly
Keep to what she’s sure will last
Not thinkin’ about “if only”
Trying to forget the past

But you can never control what will be
No matter how hard you try
And if you end up being lonely
And tears you know must cry

Chorus 2
And what you’ve taken before for granted
May be nothin’ but a memory
And now happily ever after, could become reality…
So pick up the pieces that have fallen, assemble them to some degree
Let down your defenses baby, if you don’t you’re bound to be
A love refugee

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